Back Pain

A very high percentage of my clients suffer with chronic lower back pain. Ranging from sciatica to sacro iliac sprains, muscle strains or overuse, osteo arthritis, slipped or herniated discs.

Most of the time this is due to either the environment we live in or the life style choices we make. I will work together with you to improve your chronic back pain considerably if not completely get rid of it. Treatment consists of a combination of different massage techniques such as neuro muscular massage and cranio sacral therapy, exercise and nutritional advice.

Most people will feel benefits within 3 sessions. Your first session will include a thorough consultation and will take 1 hour. The cost for this is £50. Treatments after that are mostly ½ hour and cost £30. After your third session I will re assess you and discuss possible further treatment options.

“ I was scheduled for back surgery and came to see Inge because I was in so much pain and I had altered sensation in my leg. After 3 treatments my leg regained all feeling and even my back pain had gone. I no longer need surgery and have been taken off the list. I am absolutely delighted with the treatments “
R. Hunton