Lymphoedema is divided into primary (hereditary) and secondary lymphoedema (mostly present in arms or legs) . Secondary lymphoedema is often the result of surgery after lymph nodes have been removed for example to remove cancerous tumours and can have a serious impact on your quality of life. It is best to catch it early, once the tissues have filled up with fluid it is much more difficult to manage than when we can treat you before a lymphoedema has developed. This means we can treat you as soon as you have had your stitches removed after surgery and you have completed your treatment. The type of treatment I use to treat lymphoedema is called Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy. MLD is a very gentle skin technique that stretches the skin in a specific way so that the transport capacity of the lymphatic system is improved, make it work harder if you like. It will also redirect the fluid to other areas in your body which have not been affected by trauma, cancer or radio therapy. And even though our body cannot regrow new lymph nodes, it can grow new lymph vessels and that is the whole idea of this treatment.

During your first consultation we will go through a thorough medical history to see if this treatment is suitable for you. The affected limb will be measured so that we can see exactly how well you are progressing. If necessary the limb will be bandaged or you will be measured up for a compression garment. You will also be given nutritional and skin care advice as well as exercises that you can do at home to improve the lymphoedema.

The frequency of treatment depends on the severity of the lymphoedema and will be discussed during your first visit. The initial cost is £55 for a consultation and treatment, which will take about an hour. After that treatment time may vary between 1/2 hr, £35 and one hour £55.

“ Inge helped me to receive the correct treatment for lymphoedema. I go for regular treatments. This helps to relieve the pain in my legs, due to osteo arthritis and it also relaxes me”
B. Withers Saltburn by the Sea.