Chronic stress can have a serious impact on your quality of life in general and more specifically on your immune system and other systems in the body.

Because we are living in such a fast living economic world today or have to deal with serious family or home situations it isn’t always easy to get rid of stress and although a certain level of stress is healthy if we are unable to return to base then we have a problem.

Stress can express itself in different ways in the body. Sometimes people suffer with headaches or insomnia, sometimes people have unexplained pains in a variety of places, develop digestive problems or skin disorders.

Treatment for this depends on your specific symptoms and is mostly a combination of massage and relaxation techniques as well as nutritional and home care advice.

Most people will feel benefits within 3 sessions Your first session will include a thorough consultation and will take 1 hour. The cost for this is £50. Treatments after that can be either 1 hour at £50 or ½ hour at a cost of £30. After your third session I will re assess you and discuss possible further treatment options.

“ Inge is a multi talented practitioner. She has helped to identify and treat many of my ailments,eg high blood pressure,gall bladder problems,crohns,back problems and sinusitis. I highly recommend Inge. She has certainly made an enormous change to my life,for the better. Inge's treatment does work! ”
Dr. J. Elston, Skelton